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Taking measurements

General instructions

  • Always take the measurements with someone, never by yourself

  • For taking the measurements, you will need a tape measure and a tape that you tie to the narrowest point of your waist

  • When taking the measurements, please stand naturally, breath normally – dont hold your breath and dont pull in your stomach

  • Wear light bra

  • Take tight measurements – dont leave any space, we will take care of everything

  • From waist to hem measurement, put on the shoes you will wear at the party. That way the lenght of the dress will be correct.
    If you will be wearing a petticoat, please do not add the petticoat to the measurements.

The actual measurements

  • Add your length, without shoes

  • Add your normal size

  • Bust – the widest point, wear light bra

  • Waist – the narrowes point, please stand naturally, don’t pull in your stomach

  • Hip – the widest point

  • From shoulder to nipple – measure from the base of the neck to the nipple (middle of your bra)

  • Form nipple to nipple – from centre of the left side of the bra to the centre of the right side

  • From shoulder to shoulder – you can use for example a t-shirt that shows you shoulder lines

  • From shoulder to waist – measure from the base of the neck to the waist (same place you measured the narrowest point, where the tape is)

  • From waist to hem – measure from the waist’s narrowest point to the hem – you can choose the length by yourself – please where the same shoes that you are going to wear at your party
  • Arm’s eye – circumference of the sleeve opening – measurement around your armpit and shoulder
  • Lenght of the arm – keep the hand straight

  • Arm – the widest part of the arm

  • Sleeve’s end – circumference of the point where you want to sleeve to end

  • From nipple, back from the neck to the other nipple – from centre of the left side of the bra going back of your neck to the centre of the right side

  • Neck – circumference of your neck