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Taking care of the dress

  • Take the dress out the package and check the dress thoroughly

  • Even If you have ordered ironing, the dress may be a little wrinkled because of the packaging and delivery. Let it hang for a while and it should get smooth again

  • If the dress is more wrinkled, you can iron it through an ironing cloth using two dots

  • Before the party, it is good to spray some anti-static on the dress

  • Enjoy your party and get compliments

  • Usually, a good airing is enough, making the dress as good as new after the party

  • If you notice a stain on your dress after the party, you can just clean the spot using a cleansing emulsion – remember to wash the spot with cloth and water

  • If your dress is truly dirty, you can take it to a cleaner's – it’s best to ask cleaner’s recommendation for the suitable cleaning program for your dress

  • When storing your dress, please use breathable garment bag, not a plastic one.  Garment bag will protect the dress (especailly if the dress have a lot of decorations, that can get stuck to other clothes in your closet) and keep the dress as good as know