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Putting on the dress


  • Put the dress properly on – check that the bosom is properly in place

  • Attach the strap (if the dress has one)

  • Put the rear flap properly in place

  • Check that the lace ends are equally long before you start

  • Start lacing from top to bottom

  • Tighten once in a while

  • When the lacing is ready – tighten from the top to bottom and make sure that the rear flap is properly in place.

  • According to your taste you can make a bow and tuck it in or leave it on the outside


  • Before you put on the dress, try the zipper – if it is a little stiff, try to pull it against a table

  • When the zipper moves with ease, put on the dress

  • Put the dress properly on, please check that the bosom is as it should

  • Attach the strap (if the dress has one)

  • Stand straight and help by pushing the dress so that the zipper’s sides are closer to each other

  • Now, the person assisting you, can pull the zipper up very smoothly