Valitse valuutta
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  • Available in three different sizes: small (two hoops, 65cm diameter), large (three hoops, 100cm diameter) and mermaid (one hoop 65cm diameter) 
  • Small and mermaid petticoats have flexible waist ribbing and the large one has a velcro strap

  • All petticoats are easily adjustable by the size of the hoops 

  • When you take the petticoat from the package, spray water on it to make the tulle softer

  • Smaller petticoat goes well with almost every dress in our collection

  • If you have ball / prom, the smaller petticoat is perfect also if you are wearing more like an evening type of dress:
    - it makes the dress look more complete
    - it takes the hem of your feet making it easier to dance

  • Larger petticoast goes well with all the dresses that have more volume in the hem – without the petticoat, these kind of dresses won't look so good

  • All of our petticoats are designed just for our dresses, so they go perfectly together

  • When you are ordering a dress and a petticoat from us, you don't need to estimate the length of the hem with a petticoat – we will take care of it

  • Petticoat lifts the dress approximately 1cm for every 10cm of the hoop’s diameter – So if you have a ball / prom and you don't want to wear very high heels and you're going to wear evening type of dress

  • You can wear a small petticoat and if in the future you want to wear the dress with high heels (without the petticoat), you can choose 5-10cm heels and the dress is still perfect

  • You can put on the dress from above or from below, and put on the petticoat before or after

  • Make sure that the dress falls smoothly on the petticoat