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Who you are ...

Dependable - Always there, on time and caffeinated, rain or shine!

Hard working - You whiz through projects ahead of time and are eager to take on new challenges.

Resourceful - You know when to ask questions and when to get your Google on.

Tech savvy - Whether its describing the difference between a smart car and a smart phone, or navigating your favorite apps, you understand all the techno gear essentials to the modern retail world.

Good with your hands - You are at home with tiny tools and can fold a razor sharp paper airplane (aka package products to perfection).

Have mad skills - From photo editing to precision calligraphy, you have your own unique skill sets to bring to the team. We are interested in hearing what makes you one of a kind!

Please email a cover letter, resume, and current availability to Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview when an open position is available. We look forward to meeting you!

Mecco is an equal opportunity employer.